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Family Medicine

Medical services are available for the whole family in one place.

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Conveniently accessible laboratory services inside the office.

Physical Therapy

Experienced therapists offering rehabilitation and physical therapy.

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EKG / Ultrasound

EKG and Ultrasound technicians conveniently available.

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Mental Health Therapy

Group and individual mental health therapy sessions.

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Automobile Accident

Assistance with car accident injuries and recovery.



As a community partner of The Office of Economic Self-Sufficiency of the Department of Children and Families, we offer FREE assistance to our members and the community with the following services.

  • Help with ACCESS applications for Food Stamps (SNAP), Medicaid, and Temporary Cash Assistance.

  • Change reports to the Department of Children and Family (DCF).

  • Calls to Medicaid Options.

  • Referrals to the Social Security Administration.

  • Help with your Social Security account.

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